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Have you attended a social event where everybody in attendance knows somebody in the crowd? It can be an awkward experience, feeling that everybody else has some kind of history and you are the odd one out!
Visiting a new church can often feel like you are visiting a country club. Everybody is really friendly- only to the person they already know. Am I going to fit in? Will I have anything in common with these people? Are they going to ask me for money? Will my children feel comfortable? How should I dress?
As a first time attendee, we want your experience at Rome SDA to be enjoyable and relaxing. Before you start feeling like you are the only visitor attending, keep in mind that on any given weekend, over 20% of the crowd is visiting. So you are not alone!

What should I expect?
When you arrive at Rome SDA Church for our 9:30 Song service and worship and 10:00 am for Divine Worship and 11:00 am for Sabbath School. There will be someone to greet and welcome you. They will hand you a program guide (Bulletin) with useful information concerning the worship service including church announcements, small group information and much more.

What should I wear?

As Seventh-day Adventists we believe that everything we do should bring glory to God. Our members dress in formal attire, men wearing suit and tie, women wearing a modest dress or skirt. We believe that we should give God glory in all we do including our attire. We encourage you to wear your best but come as you are. We want you to feel comfortable and if you don’t have a suit, or a nice skirt/dress, we invite to come anyway.

What is the format of your Worship service?
The service usually begins with song service. We call this our time of worship when those in the congregation are invited to sing. If you do not know the songs, you can simply sit and enjoy the music.
After some time of singing, the platform participants will come through the side door, kneel and will have opening prayer. After prayer everyone will stand for the opening hymn. Next, someone will read a scripture reading relevant to the speakers sermon.
Following the Scripture reading tithes and offering which will be announced by the elder for what the offering will be for this week. After offering we encourage the children to collect an offering for special projects and share a story for the kids.  Next will be praise through prayer and special music.  Following that the speaker will be introduced and present his or her sermon.  After the sermon we will have a closing hymn and prayer.

Do you have any programs for children?

Yes! Rome SDA has a dynamic Children and Youth Sabbath School.  If you have kids, you can send them to our kindergarten, primary, or youth classes (age appropriate)  which starts at 11:00am and finishes around the same time as our 12:00 pm Adult Service. Children’s Worship is a dynamic worship service exclusively for kids.

Do you have any programs for teens?

Yes! Rome SDA has a great class for your teens ages (12-17).  The goal of Youth class is to provide an environment where youth can worship and experience God with their friends and to train and grow them into zealous adult worshipers.

And afterward?

Feel free to hang out and meet some of the folks from our church.
We trust you will find your experience at Rome SDA  friendly and spiritual.  We want to help you grow in your spiritual journey. If there is anything we can do, let us know.

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